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Immersed in music studios since the age of 16, Malory absorbed a wealth of creative and technical knowledge, evolving into the accomplished music producer she is today. Co-producing for years, she reached a point of frustration, feeling constrained in expressing her creative vision while others controlled the reins. It wasn't until her move to Toronto in 2019 that she found the freedom and space to break barriers and take her craft of production and engineering seriously.

As a self-taught Logic X user, Malory autonomously produced two LPs and an EP for her artist project, in addition to crafting various tracks for Extreme Music (SONY) spanning diverse genres, from haunting musical horror akin to Danny Elfman to captivating alt-pop. She was selected among a handful of producers to create official covers of Electric Light Orchestra’s catalogue, with her renditions of ‘Last Train to London’ & ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ now under the banner of SONY.

Her remarkable adaptability to produce across multiple genres has proven invaluable in the realm of synchronization. In 2022, her solely created track 'There’s Something In the Water' earned the prestigious Best Acoustic Pop/Rock track at the Production Music Awards UK. Malory's self-penned and produced song 'Maybe It’s Okay' was showcased in Netflix’s Ride or Die trailer, amassing over 600k streams on Spotify, a testament to the resonance of her production.


Having experienced the 'other side' as an artist and writer numerous times, Malory's journey equips her to excel in producing for others.  Although still in the nascent phase of her career as a producer, she has begun to share her talent, producing the debut album 'Rise' for local Toronto singer/songwriter Tara Van. Additionally, she was handpicked by Toronto-based publisher, SIGNAL, for a collaborative songwriting camp in spring 2023. Selected as one of eight female producers for the ‘She Writes’ camp, she collaborated with exceptional talent such as Tilsen, Madalen Duke, Tedy, ASTON, Violet Skies, and T’era, showcasing her craft and versatility.


The future brims with promise and potential for the rising composer. Engrossed in multiple sync projects, she's set to ignite the music landscape with her creative spark. Her doors are wide open, eagerly welcoming upcoming talent, particularly amplifying her commitment to collaborating with female artists. Watch as she unfurls her artistry, carving a path in the music realm that's as vibrant as it is diverse. The horizon awaits a symphony of innovation and collaboration, as Malory charts her course towards boundless creative endeavours.


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