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Hi there, I'm Malory, a creator whose journey has taken me from South Africa and the UK to Toronto. I'm passionate about creating music which transports - storytelling and music production also light up my world. I've had a blast performing at Festivals and in venues around the world. You might have caught a glimpse of my work on shows like Netflix's 'Love Is Blind', Love Island US/AUS, and FX's Welcome to Wrexham. 

What makes me stand out is wearing multiple hats – a female artist, songwriter and producer, a rare combo in this industry. I'm all about smashing those barriers and giving more chances to female voices in this creative world. I'm on a mission to spread inspiration and widen my musical horizons.


Beyond music, I'm a real travel enthusiast, always on the lookout for new adventures. I've got a soft spot for rugby & cricket, especially when I'm cheering for my birth country of South Africa! As for entertainment, I've been loving 'How To with John Wilson', 'The Devil’s Plan', 'Marcel the Shell', and 'Dune: Part 1'. Dining out, hanging out with family & my close pals, and making people chuckle – even if it's at my own jokes – are some of my favourite things.

I love hearing from listeners all over the world! Feel free to shoot me a message here or follow me on insta for updates. It brings a smile to my face hearing your fave songs or lyrics & discovering how you found my music. 

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